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Rogue/Fake Anti-Spyware & Anti-Malware Programs

Rogue/fake anti-spyware & anti-malware programs have been popping up all over the place lately.  These programs are often distributed using web banner ads warning users that their computers have been infected with spyware, then directing them to purchase programs which do not actually remove spyware -- or worse, may add more spyware of their own.  These products often bill themselves as antispyware, antivirus, or registry cleaners, and sometimes feature pop-ups prompting users to install them. The following is a list of only *some* of the known fake/rogue programs:
  • Antivermins
  • AntiVirus Gold
  • Spy Sheriff
  • BraveSentry
  • SpywareStrike
  • Spy Wiper
  • errorsafe
  • Spyware Quake
  • PSGuard
  • Pest Trap
  • System Doctor
  • WinFixer
  • SpyAxe
  • WorldAntiSpy
  • WinAntiVirus Pro 2006
  • PAL Spyware Remover
  • Error Guard
  • eAcceleration
  • Personal Antivirus -- Win32/FakeXPA OR Win32/InternetAntivirus
  • UnVirex -- Troj/FakeVir-NA
  • NoAdware
  • Adware Pro
  • Internet Antivirus Pro -- Win32/InternetAntivirus
  • General Antivirus -- Win32/InternetAntivirus
  • Privacy Components
  • MS Antispyware 2009
  • Antivirus System Pro -- Win32/FakeSpypro

Note:  the well-publicized 'Koobface' worm that is still being passed around Facebook installs programs like these.